Surfeurs solidaires

Surfeurs Solidaires is a French charity organization based in Bayonne, established in 2001. Their mission is to aid local people in Madagascar, Sierra Leon, Jamaica, the Philippines, Cape Verde, Morocco and Nicaragua. They raise awareness of coastal protection and respect for the environment in these countries, whilst also distributing surf gear to the local communities.

By collecting used surf equipment, Surfeurs Solidaires are able to dispatch substantial material aid. Over the past 15 years, Surfers Solidaires have built numerous surf clubs and associations in the countries they work with. They also provide significant pedagogical assistance to the existing local surf clubs and associations.

These concepts of sharing and solidarity are also very important to Wildsuits. In order to help the surf community as much as possible we have made the decision to supply Surfers Solidaires with our official team rider's prototypes and used wetsuits.

Surfers Solidaires not only distribute and share surf materials - they offer the joy of surfing to those who had previously only dreamed of it. Why not join us in supporting Surfers Solidaires by checking out the events on their Facebook page or finding your local Surfers Solidaires deposit depot?


Want to recycle your old wetsuits? Néocombine is a French company that has been recycling neoprene since October 2009. The association works alongside surfers and freelance surf designers and strives to reduce the ecological impact of surfing.

Neocombine’s workshop, based in Bordeaux, produces hand-sewn, artisan, ecologically produced bracelets. Each bracelet is unique with a sporty, modern and relaxed style. The silkscreen prints use water-based ink technology that are in line with the ecological ethos of Neocombine and Wildsuits.

About 32 tons of neoprene ends up in landfill every year (source: Eurosima). Wildsuits aims to bring a second life to its wetsuits and avoid unnecessary waste, whether through Surfers Solidaires or Neocombine.

In 2017 Neocombine recycled 400 wetsuits, (about 600 kilos of neoprene!) and created 20,000 bracelets from it.