The history of Wildsuits


The story of Wildsuits began in 2016 on a Portuguese beach called Costa da Caparica, after the meeting between two ocean lovers:

  • Olivier, a master's student in finance and a fan of extreme sports (surfing, skateboarding, skiing and bodyboarding).
  • Antoine, passionate about the sea and in search of new, professional projects.

Quickly they fell under the spell of Portugal, of year round sun and waves, and the strong surf culture. They started dreaming of building their own brand - a new surf brand that shared their respect and value for the environment.

They had explored and researched many aspects of the surf industry and became increasingly interested in wetsuits, and were shocked to see the common use of highly pollutant materials, even though most surfers have a strong respect for nature.

So, with the environment in mind, Olivier and Antoine addressed this problem and consequently an idea was formed: create an eco-friendly brand of wetsuits that is accessible to all.

Nowadays it’s very complicated to create a completely eco-friendly brand, it’s not a hidden fact that Wildsuits isn't totally green! But 100% of Wildsuits’ efforts are focused on how to constantly evolve to be as eco-friendly as possible, striving to find solutions in everyday tasks to minimize the impact on the planet. 


We have built the Wildsuits brand around strong convictions that guide us throughout its development:


  • To provide beginners through to professionals with the best experience in their activities (surf, bodyboard, kitesurf, windsurf, wakeboard, waveski or bodysurf) thanks to high quality wetsuits.
  • To work with suppliers who respect good labour conditions in their factories, and who are also committed to eco-friendly practices. Offer a premium quality product that combines comfort, flexibility and durability.
  • Create a community (Wildsuits family) around the Wildsuits brand. A community that advocates mutual aid and respect for the environment. This takes place on our social networks and through the many events organised by Wildsuits.


For our brand, we chose a name that is recognisable and rememberable.

The name Wildsuits represents the sense of "being close to nature and energised by its power”

“On the wave, be wild” & “Out of the wave, behave” are our slogans. We believe the ocean allows you to revert to nature, making you forget the difficulties you face in life. In return, this will remind you to respect nature and the other people around you.

Wildsuits does not intend to limit itself to premium eco-friendly wetsuits. Over time, we also plan to develop a line of clothing and accessories. This collection will be developed in correspondence with our eco-friendly values and in compliance with Wildsuits ethics.