A typical day starts around 9:30 am with a good coffee and croissant, we discuss 5/10 minutes of everything and nothing...

Who are you? Who are you?

My name is Benoît, I am 21 years old and I am from St Marc sur mer in Loire Atlantique. Currently I live in Nantes and every weekend I go back to St Marc to see the friends at the sea and my girlfriend.

Tell us a little about your background.

I have a fairly classic background for someone who made up his mind early in his studies. After high school in St Nazaire, I went to Nantes to the arts centre La Joliverie. After the baccalaureate I was admitted to AGR, the image school that introduced me to the world of graphic design. I have been specializing in digital graphics for a few years now.

How did you become a designer at Wildsuits? 

A friend who takes pictures and videos for Wildsuits sent me a job offer that Wildsuits had posted on Facebook and Linkedin. I sent them my CV and a short presentation e-mail. After a few days, Antoine co-founder of Wildsuits called me and after a little face-to-face meeting, we started this great adventure.

Are you surfing yourself? Do you have any other passion? 

I wouldn't say that I'm really a surfer, the Ocean is my passion, and that's where I find my main inspiration. I like surfing, longboarding, water photography, fishing sailing or even chill at the beach.

I am also passionate about silver photography and vintage objects. For me, it is graphically interesting to see the graphic techniques of the time.

How is your work at Wildsuits going?

A typical day starts around 9:30 am with a good coffee and croissants, we discuss 5/10 minutes of everything and nothing and the rest of the day it really depends on what Wildsuits needs, or if there are good surf conditions or not. Between two coffees I show Antoine my design, if he doesn't like it, we move on, if he thinks there is potential, we send a little message to Olivier to know his opinion. Then, I try to answer their requests while keeping my style.

From a technical point of view, can you explain how you work to make a visual?

The general idea: I try to understand the final objective of using the visual. Once I feel ready, I move on to the sketch part. After the realization of several sketches I select the three best. Then I digitize them and rework them with illustrator before making the last modifications on Photoshop.

Oh yes, it's a hell of a job! And for which job did you have the most fun doing for Wildsuits? 

Work on merchandising designs. I really enjoy making visuals for clothes, I like to write an idea, a story on a t-shirt or something.

How do you consider yourself different from your colleagues?

We are all different, we have different inspirations, different hobbies, so it has to be reflected in our work. For me, it is really a passionate profession that allows us to express ourselves and I am really happy to be able to combine my passions and bring my little artistic touch to Wildsuits.

Thank you for this Benoit Interview, and we are really looking forward to launching the new Wildsuits t-shirt collection with you.