Leo Maigret - Wildsuits
A remote place, still a little virgin of all images, and creating something with people attracted by this environment, that's good.

First of all, give us a little personal presentation...

I am Leo Maigret, I live in Biarritz in the South West of France. I have always lived on the Basque coast and therefore close to the ocean and mountains. One day with a father who was passionate about photography, I ended up diving into it also via surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and now I try to see a little further than that.

What motivates you the most in filmmaking?

Renewal, constantly taking something back from its starting point to its purpose, giving an idea on a subject, and exploring new things. The constant evolution of one's own point of view is interesting and constantly makes one want to move forward.

Do you have a favorite place or subject to film?

Not particularly, I like to see different things to come back to the one I regularly film like surfing and bodyboarding. Change your habits. The same is true for environments. Who doesn't like to go to places they've never seen before?

Any particular project in progress?

I am currently finalizing a film project with Jorgann Couzinet, about his end of season, his pace of life and a little bit of his story. Really cool, because it's a different approach than what I usually do, but that's exactly what I'm looking for. Get out of my habit and see what I can do. And another project will start soon with Antonio Saraiva.

The telephoto lens and camera you like the most?

That I like the most I don't know, because I haven't tested many of them, but for my part, I film with an FS700 and a Sigma 150-600mm, a nice little combo that I'm happy with!

In your opinion, what is your best film/video clip so far?

So far I will say Luxxury, the bodyboard movie we released with our collective Wingz. A long project, with friends, to go to places where we had not yet been. Meet new people. A preview that was really well received. The film got great feedback from different magazines, riders, etc.... It was really cool! The longest film I've ever made.

What makes you a different filmmaker?

My artistic touch, shall we say? But from that point of view, all filmmakers are different and that's what's great! Because we can work together and create new things from our points of view. No one will make a film in the same way as another.

Someplace you'd like to film?

One particular place, I don't know. But a remote place, still a little virgin of all images, and creating something with people attracted by this environment, that's good! When I see Roark's last movie where they went surfing on the Falkland Islands and what they get out of it, it's crazy!

Tell us a little more about your collaboration with Wildsuits...

I think it was done in the easiest way, I'm in contact with some of the Wildsuits riders, I create content regularly, et Wildsuits seeks to enhance the performance of their riders, but also of some photographers, cameramen. It's great to feel supported by this kind of brand!