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Interview with Maxime Gaborit, 2019 European Waveski champion. Maxime faced 70 of the best competitors in the discipline during the European Championship in Tanchet (Vendée) carried by the Côte de Lumière Canoe and Kayak.

My next goal is the World Wave Ski surfing title to be held in HUANCHACO,Peru in 2020.

Hi Maxime you have just been crowned European Waveski Champion, how do you feel?

I am happy and proud to have won this great European Championship title! It means a lot to me, it's my first big open title (Maxime was already crowned world junior waveski champion in 2016). I have just fulfilled a double dream, to win an international title in open and at home.

Tell us a little bit about how this competition went?

The competition took place on the beach of Tanchet in "Les Sables d'Olonne, Vendée"

Day 1: Off for the open, so I encouraged the juniors and womens of the French waveski team.

Day 2: I had my first non-eliminating round against my "buddy Theo" and I qualified directly for round 3. Round 3 I fell against Guilbert in "man on man" and I passed my heat with nice waves.
Day 3: The day started directly with the 1/4 finals where I met again with Theo in "man on man". During this heat we missed some waves but I managed to score two small waves that allowed me to win. In the semi-final against Odei Exteberria (world number 3, the heat started well for me and I even benefit from a priority error on the part of Odei who sends me directly to the final

Day 4: Day of the final, I face Virgile Humbert, vice-world champion, in difficult conditions. I managed to place 2 scores fairly quickly which allowed me to play strategically and block Virgil to prevent him from taking good waves, which worked!

Oh yes, very beautiful and long journey! Did you have any special preparation for the competition?

I didn't really have any special preparation. After each training session I always give 100% of myself. Moreover, I was on my homeshot, so I know that wave by heart which allowed me to approach this competition more serenely than the others. I still had pressure on my shoulders, I had no right to make mistakes in front of my friends and audience.

A quick word about your waveski equipment and your next sporting objectives to be achieved?

My next goal is the World Wave Ski Championship that will take place in HUANCHACO, Peru in 2020. There are also the French championships this year but I will go in freeride mode and without pressure. I've already reached my goal for the season and the rest will be just bonus!

I thank my sponsors for encouraging me and all the support. I thank kriss for making the right board to win, solamanzi for the accessories that hold strong, double dutch for unbreakable paddles, Octopus for the preparation and support throughout the year, Riders match to follow me and allow me to spread my performances and of course Wildsuits for the wetsuits that adapt super well to waveski surfing and who also use products that do not destroy the planet...!

What are you planning now to celebrate the title?

I'm going on a surf trip to Portugal with my girlfriend and my dog. We will enjoy the sun and the pastel of natas before returning to the Vendée?

Thank you for this Interview Maxime! The whole Wildsuits team congratulates for this great result. "On the wave, be wild" & "Out of the wave, behave"

Editor: The Wildsuits Team.