Maxime Gaborit European waveski champion

Maxime faced 70 competitors among the best of the discipline during the European championship in Tanchet (Vendée) carried by the Canoe Kayak Côte de Lumière.

Waveskiing is a mix between surfing and kayaking, you sit on the adapted surfboard and move around with a paddle.

Hi Maxime Gaborit, who are you ?

I am Maxime Gaborit, I am 23 years old and I come from Les Sables d’Olonne in the Vendée. I did a “BP” surf to become a surf teacher and now I work in a sand school.

I have a family of sailors so I have been facing the sea since I was born. I just took a different path by focusing on wave sports. So it made sense to me to have some connection with the ocean.

You are now recognized as one of the best waveskiers in the world, how did you get there?

I started waveskiing a little by chance with my sister’s ticket which introduced me to the sport. At the time, I was already doing bodyboarding and surfing and when I tried it I liked it. There was a good atmosphere in the water, we quickly formed a small group of friends. Then, by dint of “working hard” for everything and nothing, we ended up being among the best in France. Then Aux Sables d’Olonne, we really have the ideal conditions and infrastructures to succeed!

Define waveski a bit, for those who don’t know it please. Would you recommend it to a novice ?

Waveskiing is a mixture of surfing and kayaking, you sit on the adapted surfboard and move around with a paddle…

…Once on the wave, it’s the same as surfing, everything from the head and shoulders up, but the work is slightly different than surfing because of the sitting position. Waveskiing is very accessible to beginners from the moment you have the use of the paddle, the rest is done by yourself because from a balance point of view the fact of being seated is much more stable than the standing position.

A memorable waveski trip in France or abroad ?

Without hesitation, South Africa in 2014, travels with the French team. I didn’t start at the same time as the others, because I had to finish my high school diploma. And the journey starts strong, because I arrive in South Africa the day before an Open, but by the time I make the trip, I arrive just in time during my draft series (I had already missed the first round.) but I still manage to reach the semi-finals of the competition. Then we made our way to the world championships. During the competition, I go through all the emotions in shape at the beginning and then get sick (little tourist) I still finish with a 3rd place in junior and a world title by team! And then there’s the rest: the landscapes, the wild animals, the waves, the atmosphere was really crazy! I mean, for a first trip, I think it’s hard to do better.

A final word about your collaboration with Wildsuits ?

Wildsuits is a brand that has environmental values in which I find myself. I think it is important to think about the planet today, because it is in a bad state. They have managed to make a super wetsuitsoft and warm that adapts well to the practice of waveskiing. And another important thing for me: the atmosphere with the team! The guys are always at the top if you need something, everything is in the human and today, it’s quite rare to find this human side in a brand.

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