Our Official Retailers List

More than 42 official retailers are selling our eco-friendly wetsuits, mainly in France, Portugal and Spain.


You can find Wildsuits Limestone wetsuits in more than 40 partner surf shops across France, Portugal and Spain.

To find a Wildsuits retailer near you, use the search field above by typing in the name of your city. A list of the closest shops will appear on the page.

You can also order directly from our official Wildsuits e-commerce to get your eco-friendly wetsuit. Any questions please just contact us.

Wildsuits online shop

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Want to become an official Wildsuits retailer ?

Contact Wildsuits sales agents to sell our wetsuitslimestone, eco-friendly t-shirts & accessories in your surf and/or water sport shop.


Become a retailer in

To become a Wildsuits wetsuits retailer in France, contact the Wildsuits France sales agent, Gildas Capelle of GC OUTDOOR DIFFUSION :


Torne-se um revendedor em Portugal

Para te tornares num dos revendores da Wildsuits em Portugal, contacta o responsável de vendas da Wildsuits em Portugal, Clésio Correia da Why Not Distribution:


Convert to retailer in España

Para hacerse distribuidor de Wildsuits en España, contact the agencia comercial de Wildsuits en España, Play Gop :



成为Wildsuits在中国的经销商,请联系Wildsuits销售代理商 Martin Ferrand:


Become a retailer in the rest of the world.

To become a Wildsuits retailer in the rest of the world, contact the co-founder of Wildsuits Wetsuits, Olivier Boileau:


Would you like to become a sales agent for Wildsuits?

Would you like to become a sales agent for Wildsuits? Send us a message via our contact form!