Tim McKenna with Wildsuits

Tim McKenna


Tim Mckenna is a marine and extreme sports photographer recognized by his colleagues as one of the best craftsmen in the world in his field.

Born in Sydney in 1968, close to Australia's famous surf beaches, Tim then grew up in Bordeaux before returning to his native country in 1986 where he obtained a degree in philosophy and economic policy from the University of Queensland.

His awareness of the beauty of Mother Nature is reflected in his photographs, which soon reveal it to the general public. His surfing photos by their originality and difficulty quickly become the covers of many iconic magazines such as "Surfing Life" in Australia and "Surf Session" in France.

Tim does not stop there and travels to many countries around the world and succeeds in making us rediscover or reveal the beauties of Mother Nature. He appears as a pioneer in extreme sports and seabed photography, particularly with "heli-snowboard" shots. He was also the revelation of many ski and climbing destinations in the Caucasus, Ecuador, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Today, Tim Mcknenna lives on the island of Tahiti, which offers him a playground and a magical and intense living environment. Through the beauty and quality of his photographs, he inspires us and reminds us how nature and human beings can live in perfect harmony. This joint splendour allows us all (or at least should) to become aware of the beauty and fragility of our ecosystem.

You can find his complete work on his website: https://www.timmckennaphoto.com/.