The Wildsuits’ Post-Quarantine Guide to Surfing

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Finally, we can return to the water! The long wait is over and we have never been more ready to go surfing. Here at Wildsuits’ we decided to put together a small but practical guide on how to get back in the ocean in the safest and sickest way possible.

1) Find a spot that isn’t too crowded

It is still extremely important to minimize contact with others. The ocean and the coast are vast, so explore! Now’s your chance to discover new places, secret spots and previously unexploited sandbanks. 

We must make sure that we are respecting the measures that are in place in each area to continue aiding in the fight against the virus. The ‘Dynamic Beaches’ project has been implemented to not only keep us safe and work to eradicate COVID-19, but it is also helping to retain our freedom and avoid closure of the beaches!

The Dynamic Beach concept means we are allowed to get back in the water and on the beaches for exercise, ie. surfing, swimming and walking, but we have to head home straight away once our activity is over. The temptation to sunbathe, sleep or sink a beer on the sand can be strong, but it’s important that we band together and don’t give in - patience is key as to not spread the virus or risk closure of our beaches.

2) Pick your passions

If your local break is overcrowded, why not try a different sport? By switching up from surfing, you might discover a sport that you love just as much, that you’ll be able to practice with far less people around!

Now that we’re allowed back outside, you can also work on your manoeuvres and style on dry land. Skateboarding is a great way to progress in surfing. Try a Carver or a Yow board to improve your turns and flow. 

Yoga is also a great sport to do daily before going surfing as you will gain flexibility and therefore avoid injury (bonus points for not ending up in hospital during the pandemic due to non-virus related circumstances!)

3) Shop local

With the closure of shops, it is now more important than ever to support local! Small businesses have felt the hit harder than the big online retailers, so if you’re after fresh fruit and veg, why not chat to your local farmer or visit an independent grocery store in your town? Little surf shops also need your support, plus they are far more qualified to offer you advice on the best equipment for your local break. (If they don’t stock Wildsuits, please don’t hesitate to mention us!


4) Protecting nature

The birds that are currently nesting aren’t accustomed to us humans! Be careful not to disturb them, and be aware when walking on the beaches at your secret spots - there could be eggs or hatchlings. If you notice a single chick seemingly lost, it may simply have wandered away from it’s nest - try to locate it’s feathered family and place the chick back inside.

It is also our responsibility to keep the beaches clean. With the lack of activity, a lot of rubbish may have washed up and never been collected. By following the #threeforthesea initiative, and collecting 3 items of rubbish every time you head down to the beach, we can make a huge impact on the amount of plastic that is potentially littering our coastline.


Every surfer has noticed that the beautiful days are coming, and with them the arrival of dreamy summer swells. We must all be united to make sure that the beaches remain open so that we can continue to enjoy our favourite natural spaces. At Wildsuits, and for every ocean-lover we know, the lifting of quarantine is a real liberation. We have been able to enjoy our natural playground once again and we can’t wait for what summer will bring. 

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Stay Wild, Stay Safe!