Where to surf in Galicia in Spain?

Galicia offers up 1300km of coast and a high swell exposure due to its unique geography. Unlike other surf regions in Spain, such as Asturias and the Basque Country, Galicia gets a big swell window of 180° which offers you multiple options with differing swell and wind. Are you already imagining the number of good wave finding opportunities the region offers? You are right, they exist. But be careful, it won’t be an easy task. Galicia is unpredictable.  

Moreover, it’s one of the most beautiful places that you can explore in Europe, and it’s super campervan friendly too. Galicia has a lot more to offer than surf, with its towering cliffs, traditional towns, great gastronomy and lively music. Factor in the waves too, and it’s a must-visit for all surf seeking travellers. 

In this article we will be outlining a few key surf spots in the south of Galicia, near Vigo and Pontevedra. 

Where should I surf in south Galicia, Spain, near the cities of Vigo and Pontevedra?

The main cities on the south Galician coast are Pontevedra and Vigo. Only 30 minutes drive from either you’ll find two of the main surf spots, Lanzada and Patos.

Surf spots Near Vigo, Spain

Surf spot Patos (El Pico e La izquierda de Monte Ferro) in Nigrán, Galicia:

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Patos beach is very close to the biggest city in Galicia, Vigo. The best seasons to visit for surf are autumn and winter. 

Patos is a long and beautiful beach break with some reefs too, and the surf spot itself has a nice view on the Cies Islands. The best swell to surf here is N or NW from 2m to 10m (the break is sheltered from the open ocean and gets pretty flat in summer). With S/ SE/ E wind, you’ll score the funnest waves. Unless you love a close-out it’s best to surf here from mid to high tide. It’s a left and right peak but the left is best, and it’s quietest here on weekdays, the weekends can get seriously busy. 

There are a few surf schools and the beach is a little built up, meaning there’s always someone in the water. There are a few bars and restaurants too so you can grab a drink and some food after a surf. 

If you want to learn surfing, in summer there are some fun, super mini waves. The only problem is that it’s a pretty famous spot, and you’ll find a lot of people here from all over Spain visiting for their holidays. They come for sun, good food and to party hard. 

Spot de surf Praia de Samil, Galice :

Surf Praia de Samil - Galice espagne

Praia de Samil is a really long beach break (1700 meters) in the city of Vigo. It needs a big to work and also has a left reef point beach that works when the beach is well overhead. The best swell direction to surf Praia de Samil is with big west or north west swells and a S/ SE/ E  wind. 

The spot has plenty of bars, cold showers, a big old school half pipe and supermarkets with plenty of parking. It’s in the city but not close to the center. In summer, it’s normally flat and a famous tourist beach. The local rock band, Siniestro Total, even made a cover of the Ramones song ‘Rockaway Beach’, recording a Spanish version called ‘Rock in Samil’! 

Top tip: It’s best not to jump in here if it’s just rained for the first time in a while. It can get polluted. 

Surf spots Near Pontevedra, Spain

Surf spot Lanzada, Galicia:

Surf Lanzada Galice

La Lanzada is very close to Pontevedra City. The best time to surf here is towards the end of the year in autumn and winter. It’s a beach break that works best at high tide and the best swell directions are N/ NW with wind from the N/NE. 

Top tip: Respect locals. And if you are into skating you can check out the skatepark in Porto-Novo (25 min drive from the beach).

Surf spot Foxos, Galicia:

Surf en Galice sur le spot de Foxos

Foxos is a small beach (350 meters) that can hold bigger waves than Lanzada. Even if it’s often a closeout, Foxos can sometimes produce really good waves and the beach is beautiful. The best swell directions are N/ NW/ W and wind N/ NE. Score it at low tide if it’s small, mid tide if the waves are medium-sized and high tide if it’s a bigger swell.

There are plenty of surf spots on the Galician coast around Vigo and Pontevedra. As with everywhere in the world, you must respect the locals and the surfing rules to not get into trouble. Galicia can serve up really good waves if you’re patient and know where to look. The best we can advise is to contact local people and ask them nicely to show you the best surf spots in the area. 

By the way, remember the waves in Galicia are unpredictable. The water there is always cold, and in the winter it’s “VERY cold”. You will need a good  4/3 mm wetsuits all year long. Some summer days or for short sessions you can get away with a 3/2mm but from December to March you’ll probably want to use your 5/4mm wetsuit. See the cold as an advantage, it keeps it quieter and will allow you to surf many waves!

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