Eduardo Vento

  • Age: 29
  • Country: Portugal
  • Home Spot: Guincho, Portugal
Eduardo Vento

Hi Eduardo Vento, can you give us a short presentation of yourself?

My name is Eduardo Vento, I’m a filmmaker and waterman born and raised in Portugal and with family from Brazil. Surf and filmmaking both showed up in my life when I was about 10 years old and since then they have been my main focus in life.

With these two passions I have been able to travel the world and get to know many different cultures. I am now trying to specialize in underwater filmmaking. Underwater filming allows me to mix these two passions and I believe this it’s how I can better express my visual style.

So, you are more into aqua-shooting than land-shooting?

100%! I prefer to shoot in the water, since I’m also a surfer, and I love to be close to the action and because I like to be connected with the sea.

You are now part of the Wildsuits family, can you tell us how this happens?

I can say that I’m super stoked with this invitation. I’ve been following up Wildsuits brand and it’s evolution for a while now. I got the chance to meet with Wildsuits co-founder Olivier. After a few phone calls and meetings he has kindly welcomed me into the family.

What do you expect from Wildsuits?

Wildsuits is actually the first brand extending their hand to give me help in my new journey. I hope they will help me to gain some visibility and help me to reach my objectives. I also want to grow up as a member of the family by always contributing to the growth of this brand and helping them to translate them values

I have been already trying the wetsuits in heavy conditions and the 5/4mm is surprisingly really flexible and keeps me warm while spending time shooting. It really allows me to focus on my work rather than fighting the cold. 

I believe that you are already working with Arran Strong on a project, can you tell us a bit more?

Arran Strong is a great and talented surfer to work with! He definitely has a really stylish and unique way of surfing and he is one of my favorite persons to work with. I really love to shoot him, especially one of my favorite spots to shoot which is Coxos at Ericeira. Oh man, this spot it’s a must !

Sick! Last question for you, could you give a few advice on How to begin and improve fast with aqua shooting?

My first advice,Be persistent! You will need to do many sessions and there will be many days that you will go back home and you don’t get any good shots. Don’t panic, it’s normal !  

Second advice, Fail! You will need to make many mistakes and fail many shots in order to learn the technique of shooting in the water. Train, train, again and again to transform those fails into the picture of your life time. 

Another advice that I would have loved to obtain when I started shooting surf underwater is to find one or two surfers that are experienced and that you go along with. You need to team up with them in order to get the most profit in the water and to make sure you get your back covered when the conditions are a little bit more harsh.

Eduardo Vento’s Website

Thanks Eduardo for your time and advice! Now it’s time to be wild.