Filippo Eschiti

Filippo Eschiti is a 27 year old Italian surfer who has just joined the Wildsuits Family. He has his own surf school in Tirrenia, Italy.

About Filippo Eschiti

Filippo Eschiti’s Interview

Wildsuits: Hey Filippo, can you introduce yourself?

Filippo Eschiti: Hi Wildsuits! I’m Filippo. I am 27 years old and from Italy. I live in Recco (Liguria), and I work in an office but also have my own surf school (@sea_adventures_surfschool).

How did you get into surfing?

I started when I was 4, thanks to my brother who gave me a bodyboard, and I started using bodyboards like a surfboard. A few years later I got my first surfboard.

What does surfing represent in your life?

For me, surfing is life! I organise my time to be by the sea as much as possible.

Surfing for me is a mixture of emotions; from adrenaline and trying to push my limits, to having fun and a way to relax and enjoy nature with friends.

What are the waves like in Italy?

Unfortunately the waves in Italy are not always like the beautiful waves in the open ocean. The life of the mediterranean surfer is hard, you can also spend at least a month waiting for swell, especially in summer…

But in the winter season we can also score beautiful conditions that sometimes last for up to 2 weeks, and the waves make you feel like you’re in the open ocean. It’s funny, because here in Italy I often speak with people and friends who don’t know that you can surf in Italy, when in reality there is a big surfing community and it is growing larger all the time. There are many surf spots here that I love, but out of respect to the locals I can’t disclose exactly which ones! However, I can tell you that I really like surfing between Tuscany and Liguria…

Does Leonardo Fioravanti front the surfing scene in Italy?

Leonardo is definitely the strongest Italian surfer and has achieved really good results in the World Surf Tour, helping to push the Italian surfing scene. But, of course, in Italy it’s all about football! Leo is not super famous; only the Italian surfers and bodyboarders know about him. However, in the last few years surfing has certainly been capturing more and more mainstream media attention. Recently I can see that the scene has started changing!

How do you see the evolution of surfing in Italy?

As mentioned before, surfing in Italy is growing exponentially, as with kitesurfing and bodyboarding. The latter is especially growing in my city of origin, Livorno, where a big bodyboarding community has formed, with a good level of skill too!

What made you want to join the Wildsuits Team?

I was super stoked when you contacted me and said that you liked what I was doing as both a surfer and outside of the water. Wildsuits is one of the few brands to create wetsuits with eco-friendly materials and the brand is completely in line with my values! 

I already feel part of the team! I was really happy to see all the existing riders give me a warm welcome on the Instagram page and I have already exchanged a few words with some of them. I hope to meet everyone soon, especially in the water!

Are you planning on travelling soon?

Yes absolutely! I would definitely like to go back to Portugal, a place that I love, and then I would like to plan a trip to South Africa, somewhere I’ve never been but always dreamt of going! Over the past years I have travelled a bit, mostly in and around Europe; Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, Morocco, France, Ireland and a bit further afield to Sri Lanka.

Thanks Filippo Eschiti for your time. Last question, can you give any tips/advice for someone who wants to start surfing in Italy?

To surf in Italy you have to pay close attention to the weather forecast; a small change in the forecast is enough to make the swell change a lot. Here in Italy it’s best to speak with the locals and ask them tips about their local breaks and conditions to find out when and how the waves will be good! 

But, you know what, even if it goes wrong with waves, you can always make up for it with a nice PIZZA!