Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson is a 32 year old Australian professional surfer. Seduced by the eco-friendly side & "Wild" of Wildsuits, he is now part of the Family.

About Wilko


Wildsuits : Hey Matt Wilkinson, what have you been up to lately? Can you describe your weekly routine?

Matt Wilkinson : Hey there! Weekly routine has changed a bit since I haven’t been able to travel but lucky for me the waves have been great here so i have been surfing all the local spots and still finding plenty of tubes which is nice. When the waves have been small I have been doing some foiling as well which I am enjoying!

You opened “Weekend at Wilkosin Byron Bay, Australia. Tell us what is it about and how has the journey been so far?

When everything shut I was spending my time surfing and exploring the local area and was amazed at how much cool stuff there is around here and so i thought if i can bring people here and improve their surfing , tell some stories from the tour and have an awesome weekend that would be pretty cool. It has been amazing watching how fast people improve and also how stoked people have been after spending the weekend here it’s been really satisfying.

What are your personal and professional plans/goals for the future?

With competition being so uncertain at the moment I really want to focus on surfing some epic waves. Travelling on tour was great but we spent the whole time surfing the same waves each year. I am really excited to hit some of my bucket list waves and also travel to some epic new places and get back to the core reason I surf. To explore the world and hunt some perfect waves.

Do you want to fight your way back into the CT or will you be dedicating yourself more to free surfing?

At the moment I am going to try and do a year or 2 of free surfing with some events in between so I don’t get too rusty and then if the fire comes back i will maybe get back into it.

Are you excited by joining this adventure as an official member of Wildsuits family?

Yeah, I am really excited! I love the idea of sustainable wetsuits and also the though of being able to grow with you guys and have some epic adventures to new places hunting waves!

So might we expect to see you soon in Europe on a Wild surf trip?

Yes for sure ! There are so many spots in Europe that i never got to surf while i was on tour so i am really excited to get over there whenever it is possible and surf some new spots and get this adventure started!