Wildsuits : limestone neoprene wetsuits

As a surfer, you obviously love the ocean, so is it playing on your conscience that the kit you use might not be great for the environment? Welcome to the club! This question gave life to Wildsuits, leading to us manufacturing eco-friendly wetsuits using limestone neoprene.

“What is limestone neoprene?” we hear you ask. We literally mean, our wetsuits are made using limestone rock. Created by a Japanese company, limestone neoprene is not derived from petrochemicals, meaning we are one step closer to a cleaner sea and a clearer sky!

Creating greener surfing wetsuits

No, you don’t have a sight problem, the wetsuitsWildsuits are black but definitely more eco-friendly.. Because we want the best, we have chosen the highest quality limestone neoprene!

The limestone rock

Conventional neoprene is derived through petrochemistry, which is something we want to avoid in order to limit Wildsuits’ environmental impact. Limestone neoprene is a natural material that uses a much more environmentally friendly transformation process. 

Eco Carbon Black

Carbon black comes from the transformation of recycled tires. It is none other than the second ingredient in our neopropene. This makes our wetsuitssurfboards more resistant over time, to sun exposure as well as to use. From now on, this ingredient is therefore derived from recycled products. A big step forward in the Surfing Wetsuit world! The production of our limestone combis produces 72% less CO2 emissions than a wetsuitconventional one. Only 200g per product! 

In addition to this, our supplier is committed to recycling neoprene scrap when cutting parts, an eco-responsibility that is close to our hearts when we select our partners.

Efficiency wetsuits

Did you know limestone is also 98% waterproof? Almost 30% more than a combi made of a classic neoprene! 

Limestone neoprene is:

  • Warmer: less water infiltration means a more stable and higher temperature inside the wetsuit during the session. 
  • Lighter: in addition to the material being lighter, if less water is absorbed by the neoprene it is also less weight to carry. You will feel lighter and freer in your movements. 
  • Flexible: it is a material that offers greater flexibility than traditional neoprene whilst still maintaining excellent strength. You will no longer have to choose between flexible but fragile, or robust but rigid. Problem solved!

A reasonable price

Wildsuits wetsuits are top of the range and have a high production cost. However, we do not want to pass on this cost to our eco-responsible customers. 

Our solution? We are extremely selective when it comes to choosing our stockists, so don’t hesitate to consult the list of our partner surf shops. We also sell our products on our online shop, in order to keep tabs on the distribution.

By keeping our distribution channel small, and keeping the middle men to a minimum, we keep our full suits range (3/2mm, 4/3mm, 5/4mm) at a reasonable price.

By purchasing a Wildsuits wetsuit you are investing in the future of greener surfing. Let’s make our oceans cleaner together.


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