Maria Amorim

Hi Maria, you are working with Wildsuits since it’s very beginning, how did you end up there?

That’s what happens when people work at the beach! 

You have experience on publicity agencies, how does that help you in your day by day? 

I worked as an art director in advertising in some of the most important agencies and what I’ve learned is to keep it simple. Your message should be clean and simple. Design is the same! Make it obvious with a twist!

You are passionate with bodyboarding, aren’t you? How does this influence you in your work with Wildsuits?

I can’t imagine my life far from the sea. It makes everything easier because I’m the target, but at the same 

How is the work environment with Wildsuits? 

It´s like teamwork with friends! I’m so proud to be working in such a cool brand, with great good energy. It feels like my own project.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to become a designer? 

It’s so important to experience other things outside design so you can open up your world. A hobby, sports, volunteering, travel, other job experiences… 

A last word for the end? 

I hope many other companies follow Wildsuits example, making more eco-friendly and durable products. 

Maria Amorim
  • Job: Designer
  • Arrival date:June 2016
  • Hobbies:Bodyboard, design, ocean